Sunday, 6 September 2015

Irish Landscapes Oil Paintings 1

Republic of Ireland has a huge influence in our lives. We have mostly spent our vacations there more often than in my home country Philippines. Then, there came a time when we wanted changes in our lives that we moved to Ireland from Germany and lived there for almost 3 years. It was one of the wonderful years in our lives.        

Some of my hubbys paintings were inspired by the beauty of the Emerald Island. This painting is our dream house near the Atlantic ocean. This is just a view of what our dream house would look like if we ever have the chance and means of realizing a dream. We have not seen this view in Ireland in one place. This oil painting is a compilation of several places. Painted on plywood 60x80 cm and is framed. 

This place really exists. This is in Shillelagh, Republic of Ireland. This is the photo of the oil painting my hubby painted after we spent our Christmas in that awesome cottage down the Wicklow Mountains. My first winter in Ireland which we have spent with the lovely Irish family. That was before we knew that we would be living in Ireland after a few years of being there. The big front house is only an addition to the real view. It does not exists. This painting is only painted on a hardboard in 60x90 cm.

We would never be able to own a house of our dream in Ireland, not only because we can´t afford it but also because of the harsh weather that I can´t cope with. Maybe just a holiday in summer, if ever.

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  1. This is very interesting maam Thelma! Does your hubby sell his paintings?

    1. Hi Shane! Yes, he does and he paints for orders, too. Thanks for your visit. You will see some of his paintings when you visit me in our house. When we see each other.