Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Golfing Jim Painting

Golfing Jim in Ireland

Golfing Jim is one of the paintings the artist painted in Ireland. It is the painting about our Scottish  golfer neighbor who loved to sing when he was working in his garage. 

As an artist, the painter is so keen at observing people. Be it a friend or not, you can be sure that if you have met him, he will notice something significant about you.

The artist admired the golfer though he had not seen him golfing. He could have painted a typical Scottish man with  tartan clothes while singing in the garage but no, it was not what the painter had in his inner mind. He had the image of a gorgeous  man swinging his golf elegantly directed to the holes of  Carne Golf Links in County Mayo.

The huge (70x100 cm) Golfing Jim oil painting is hanging on the wall of our nice, former golfing neighbor in Ireland. The artist painted this beautiful oil painting as our remembrance to the golfer and his lovely wife. They will always remember us, every time they see the painting on their wall. 

Thank you Bridget and Jim. You were always a good neighbor. God bless us all!

Some paintings of the artist are seen in the link below.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Slieve League Oil Painting

Slieve League is the cliff in the north west coast of the Republic of Ireland, in the County of Donegal. It is located at the Atlantic ocean. It is said to be the highest cliff in Europe.

Slieve League Painting

Going to Slieve League was the adventurous vacation we had in Ireland because of the difficult and rough path going to the top of the cliff. We had to leave the car on the parking place a few miles to the mountain top. Awesome place! 

The photo above is the oil painting of Slieve League painted for our living room. Similar to this painting was a small one painted for my workmate as my Christmas gift for her. 

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The artist at Slieve League, Republic of Ireland

For more information, here´s a link to my Hubpages article about Slieve League and other awesome travel places in Ireland.

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Irish Landscapes Oil Paintings 1

Republic of Ireland has a huge influence in our lives. We have mostly spent our vacations there more often than in my home country Philippines. Then, there came a time when we wanted changes in our lives that we moved to Ireland from Germany and lived there for almost 3 years. It was one of the wonderful years in our lives.        

Some of my hubbys paintings were inspired by the beauty of the Emerald Island. This painting is our dream house near the Atlantic ocean. This is just a view of what our dream house would look like if we ever have the chance and means of realizing a dream. We have not seen this view in Ireland in one place. This oil painting is a compilation of several places. Painted on plywood 60x80 cm and is framed. 

This place really exists. This is in Shillelagh, Republic of Ireland. This is the photo of the oil painting my hubby painted after we spent our Christmas in that awesome cottage down the Wicklow Mountains. My first winter in Ireland which we have spent with the lovely Irish family. That was before we knew that we would be living in Ireland after a few years of being there. The big front house is only an addition to the real view. It does not exists. This painting is only painted on a hardboard in 60x90 cm.

We would never be able to own a house of our dream in Ireland, not only because we can´t afford it but also because of the harsh weather that I can´t cope with. Maybe just a holiday in summer, if ever.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Introducing The Artist

The artist is my German husband and is painting for more than 45 years. He is a self taught artist and is painting mostly portraits, figures, landscapes, still lives and in a representational art way. 

In this blog I will publish some of the photos of his works. Some are still with us but some are already in another countries like Ireland, Denmark, England, Scotland, The Netherlands and of course in the Philippines.

In this photo, he was painting the landmarks of Wesel, Germany

This was the finished product which was painted for the art gallery where  the artist was teaching and asked by the owner of the gallery to paint for the mayor in Wesel. This painting is hanging now in the Rathaus (Municipal Hall) of Wesel.

These are the landmarks of Wesel:

  1. Rathaus (Municipal Hall)
  2. Willibrordi Dom (Willibrordi Cathedral)
  3. Auesee (Aue Lake)
  4. Langer Heinrich, the satelite tower
  5. Esel (Donkey)
  6. Berliner Tor (Berlin Gate)
  7. Peter Minuit Statue
  8. Wasserturm (Water Tower)
  9. Zitadelle

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Here is an article and some photos about the artist paintings. 

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